Introduction VARINOX Stainless and Aluminum Production and Distribution Construction Ltd. have been working since 2004 previously in Tatabánya and presently in Oroszlány. Site The company's steady growing ability is justified –beside the ever increasing revenue  - by the fact that the LTD in 2008, its Oroszlany site purchased, which is currently 2.2  HA industry, concrete areas, -  2000 m2 with 5.5 m headroom hall - continues its  business. The new hall thanks to orders from a more comprehensive and complex in  its ability, including the design, assembly can. Given the high headroom hall, the Ltd.  manufacturer expanded the ability of large diameter tanks, containers, balusters,  wastewater yard lock walls and structures manufacturing. Machine Park  A more accurate design work for the old machines were replaced in 2011, a new  modern fiber laser cutting machine (Salvagnini L3-30) and CNC press break  machine (Salvagnini B2.170-4000) was installed. They have next to CNC sheet  cutting and bending machines, four-cylinder roll bending hydraulic machine,  corner cutter, grinding equipment, and bars – and hollow section bending machines.  To move the pieces there are different carrying capacity trucks available.  Welding The work of welding together pieces are - of customer needs - backed up testing  procedure, by according to welding instructions, carried out by qualified welders,  Fronius, and Migatronik AWI and AFI machines.    Creator of the page: Cybernet Kft. , Oroszlány